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Motherhood is a Spiritual Portal.

You are one shift away from a new life.

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Hey I'm China,
 your Sacred Motherhood Guide.

Radically Divine Motherhood:
Spiritual Mentorship with Sacred Nourishment

Welcome to Radically Divine Motherhood, a sacred mentorship program designed to help you embrace your divine feminine power and connect with your inner mother. Our focus is on reparenting ourselves through sacred ceremony, conscious parenting, mindfulness, and spiritual healing, enhanced with the nurturing power of sacred nourishment.

This program is for you if you are:
  • A mama wanting to strengthen your connection with God.
  • A woman struggling with infertility.
  • A woman with bonus babies or is a Step-Mother.
  • Burned out by Motherhood and wanting to enjoy life more.
  • Wanting to learn how to start to master your thoughts and stop overthinking so much.
  • Looking to take your Power back and create a better life.
  • Wanting to learn to how to tap into the divinity within you.
  • Tired of experiencing Mom Guilt and Mom Rage.
  • Tired of spiraling through cycles of shame and doubt.
  • Wanting to stop shutting down and throwing pity parties when you feel things are not going your way.

What Radically Divine Motherhood Offers:

Check Out Our Mentorship Packages:

How to Begin Your Radically Divine Motherhood Journey:

Book Your Divine Discovery Session:

Click below to schedule your complimentary session and discover how Radically Divine Motherhood can enhance your spiritual and motherhood experience.

  1. After scheduling, check your email for a confirmation with additional details. Prepare any questions or topics you'd like to discuss during our session.

  2. During the call you will choose the mentorship package that aligns with your goals and it will be customized and designed to bring holistic nourishment to your spiritual path.

  3.  Once you've chosen your package, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to proceed, including payment details and a personalized welcome package.

  4. After enrolling, you'll receive a welcome email with your mentorship start date, a link to our private portal, and additional resources to kickstart your transformative journey.

I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to China (The Divine Mama) she has been here for me in soooo many ways over the last 2.5 years. From helping me walk into my purpose and embracing who I’m truly supposed to be!! I love her because her sole purpose is to make you better whether than means you stay with her or leave her!!! She’s truly not doing what she does for the money because if she was she wouldn’t be doing what she does cause she’s definitely not getting her money’s worth !! She’s an amazing person inside and out !! Definitely will be a blessing to your life!

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