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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Committed

Welcome to The Divine Mama, the premier Spiritual Doula and Coaching Service offering a unique blend of doula support and spiritual guidance to help women find a deeper connection with their own divine source. Our highly experienced team of healers, doulas, and spiritual coaches are passionate about helping women explore and cultivate their spiritual power, forging a path to health and joy.
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China Parker (Ifa Lola Ibunku Oriyangi)

Motherhood Coach, Holistic Doula & Spiritual Advisor 

China has been on a journey of integrating ancestral traditions with the modern day world when it comes to birthkeeping and her sacred work. She believes that Motherhood is the ultimate portal for Initiation in our lives. She advocates for Conscious and Intentional conception, pregnancy and motherhood. She has over 15 years of experience servicing parents and children in a professional capacity. Her heart and passion is with Fertility & Postpartum services but she is a Birthkeeper as well. 


Lawanda Morris

Postpartum & Sibling Doula & Parenting Specialist

Lawanda has serviced parents and children in a professional capacity for over 30 years. She has raised 7 children as well and has always utilized the principle "The Golden Rule" and seeking truth and justice while advocating for those who are unable to. Her goal is to Nurture the Mother and hold space for the family unit when needed. She is your go to guide for traditional Motherhood, Parenting and Navigating Life. 

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