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Birth Doula Services

Our holistic doulas are trauma informed, inclusive and heart centered.

Our Packages range from $1,000-$4,000 and are Completely Customizable.

Payment Plans, HSA/FSA, Insurance Reimbursement, Buy Now & Pay Later Options are available.

If you have special requests or need last minute assistance please click here.

Image by Devon Divine

The Phoenix (Level 2)

The Phoenix is the perfect doula package for the woman who sees motherhood as an initiation. This package will help you nurture the spirit of your child while they are in the womb and guide you through your sacred journey into motherhood. The Phoenix package will help you to be reborn into the sovereignty and freedom of being a mother. This package will provide you with the support and guidance you need to step into your power as a mother.

The Moonlit Mama (Planned C-Section)

This package is the perfect choice for someone who is planning to have or who has a scheduled Cesarean. It includes postpartum support, such as breastfeeding counseling, meal preparation, and postpartum recovery assistance. Our  package is the perfect choice for those who need additional support during their postpartum period.

Image by Alice Alinari
Mother and Daughter

The Divine Mama (Level 1)

The Divine Mama package is perfect for women who are familiar with pregnancy and birth, yet still need some extra support. This package is designed to nurture the mother and help her create a conscious and intentional pregnancy journey.  This package will help women feel empowered and prepared for the spiritual, mental and emotional journey of pregnancy and birth.

The Sacred and Free Mama (Level 3)

This is a Full Spectrum Doula package is the perfect choice for new mothers or those seeking a conscious and intentional transition into motherhood. This package will provide you with the necessary support, guidance, and resources to nurture the mother through her entire pregnancy journey. As a spiritual doula and coaching service, we will be there to assist you with physical, emotional, and spiritual care to ensure a safe and positive transition.

Surprised Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

The Supported Mama (Birth Only) 

The Supported Mama is the perfect package for mothers who are on a budget or are already experienced in giving birth and only need emotional and tangible birth support. This package provides mothers with evidence-based information, personalized birth preferences, and emotional support during their labor and delivery. It also includes postpartum check-ins and resources to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood. With this package, mothers can have peace of mind knowing they will have the support they need during their birth, no matter how many times they have gone through it before.

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