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Radically Awakened Motherhood

Radically Awakened Motherhood is a spiritual mentorship program designed to help you embrace your divine feminine power and connect with your inner mother. Our focus is on reparenting ourselves through sacred ceremony, conscious parenting, mindfulness, and spiritual healing.

Not accepting new clients at this time
Nourishment Sessions

These are channeled sessions for anyone who desires alignment with their purpose and reclaim the abundance, peace, love, power, and joy that is your birthright. These are stand alone sessions. 

The Divinely Transitioning Mama

 Clients can choose from a 3, 6, or 12 month conscious conception 1:1 program which focus on a  combination of education, emotional healing, fertility awareness, and holistic practices, participants are empowered to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as address any limiting beliefs or obstacles that may impact their fertility journey. The program aims to create a sacred and nurturing space where individuals can align their intentions, heal any wounds, and prepare themselves holistically for the profound experience of parenthood..

Not accepting new clients at this time
The Spiritual Honeypot
Virtual Sister Circle

No matter if you are a mother or not, I’ve got a space just for you as well. It’s a space that honors the divine feminine and focuses on connecting us back to our sacred space as a link to God. This space is for women that are spiritual but tired of not being able to connect to God, Spirit & the Divine themselves. This space will be filled with conscious connection, radical accountability, growth and GOD. This is the best way to work with me if you are unable to commit to one on one sessions or mentorship BUT are dedicated to your own personal growth and elevation.

Retreats & Events

The Divine Mama is a Spiritual Teacher and loves to use her voice to transmit healing vibrations and her energy to facilitate sacred ceremony. We offer a variety of retreats, ceremonies, classes and workshops.

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